BEC coop (Business and Employment Co-operative) helps clients identify, create and implement fundamental changes that improve business performance especially in rural areas.

Our approach

Based on our experience and work with a large number of organizations from different sectors (private, non-profit, public), our approach is draws on the principles of partnership, trust, openness, professionalism and values - such as economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

We guarantee:

  • Honest approach based on practical experience and skills
  • Innovative and transparent method oriented to the needs of the client
  • Practical support
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge and experiences of fundraising
  • Expertise

Our experience covers the main areas needed to create and maintain a successful business.

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Roma business camp

  • Business Support
  • We initiate the development of business activities mainly in rural areas and offer innovative support tools to entities engaged in economic activity, regardless of their legal form. This includes, support of self-employment and family businesses engaged in craft or other activities, partnerships or associations regularly engaged in economic activity. We understand business support as a focused process to ensure sustainable funding for organizations involved in economic activity. We achieve it through the implementation and use of methods of Business and employment cooperation (BEC).

  • Project Management
  • We offer a comprehensive approach in the preparation and implementation of projects for private, non-profit sector and public administration. We provide long-term application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities that lead to compliance with the project. The basic aim of our project management is to deliver results - on time, with full functionality, with costs on the budget (OTIFOB - On Time, In Full, On Budget).

  • Employment
  • BEC coop is focused on raising funds to support and develop the principles of social economy. We implement programmes aimed at activating disadvantaged people on the labour market in order to achieve their sustainable employment. We focus on education and initiate new tools of support to employability of disadvantaged individuals and groups. We provide a structured process of development of programmes, partnerships and capacity building to address the physical, social, economic, cultural and attitudinal barriers that affect the employability of disadvantaged persons on the labour market.

  • Strategic Planning
  • We introduce innovative approaches, methods and techniques in the processes of improving management systems. Strategic planning is defined as a systematic way to organize changes and develop a broad consensus and common vision for a better socio-economic development of municipalities, micro-regions, organizations and companies.

    Our goal is a quality process, which aims to plan and implement changes that will affect the development needs and perceptions of stakeholders.

    Our approach is based on activation, i.e. initiating a joint action to achieve particular changes, not only a preparation of development document - a Strategic Plan.

  • Education
  • In collaboration with many partner organizations, we specialize in interactive educational programs and training approaches that include business support, counselling skills, exchange and dissemination of good practice, and innovation in social entrepreneurship.

  • Other Services
  • We realize our own business based on the BEC method principles - Business and employment cooperation.

    The business consists in the production, trade and services not listed in Annexes 1 to 3 of the Trade Law under Czech legislation.

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